- The PERNICIOUS - On the Hunt for Provenance - oil on canvas, 36X48in (91x122cm)

- LONG STORY - oil on canvas, 27x22.5in (69x57cm)

- The PERIPHERALS are Coming for Dinner - oil on canvas, 40x30in (101x76 cm)

- MOUNT KATAHDIN - Tribute to Marsden Hartley - oil on panel, 11x14in (28x35cm)

- The RATS Can Really DRAIN You - oil on board, 20x18in (51x46cm)

- GIRL With WHITE ROSES - oil on canvas, 20x16in (51x41cm)

- NINTH WARD - Losing a Friend and a Balcony - oil on canvas, 48x32in (122x81cm)

- Remembering The YELLOW BENCH - oil on panel, 12x18in (30x46cm)

- SINGING LESSON - oil on panel, 12x18in (30x46cm)

- PREMONITION. - Portrait of Marsden Hartley - oil on canvas, 36x24in (91x61cm)

- TRADING OPTIONS - oil on canvas, 76x51in (193x129cm)

- CREATIVE PROCESS 2 - oil on canvas, 48x32in (122x81cm)

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