Oil Paintings by Anne A. Duff

If you wonder about the passage of time and your own reflection in the hourglass, take a look at Anne Duff's paintings. In the depiction of simple daily gestures, Anne captures the fleeting feeling of a moment. Her canvasses are like whispered images framed in memories. She paints the raw, the vulnerable, and the organic aspects of life that vibrate in realistic fleshy pinks and masterly brushstrokes of pastel impressions.

Although the figures are going through the motions of everyday life, the eyes are hazy and all encompassing as if going through time and space. As you are taken into the simple scenes in front of you, you cannot prevent your mind from moving on to possible futures.

Anne Duff paints seemingly simple actions and tender moments that look too familiar to remember but carry the power of change. She depicts the transient moment before the thought, the wavering hesitation before the consequence, without judgement, just showing the gentle weaving of life itself.

Renee van der Putten, Artist

© 2016 Copyright Anne Duff